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By Sandra Dooley on 9/26/2011 10:26 AM

Last week we had Fr. Paul Colloton, from NPM, preach at all the Masses at our parish. The topic: the upcoming changes in The Roman Missal. Fr. Paul did a masterful job of connecting the Scripture readings of the day to the words we will be soon praying every Sunday. He had a captive audience in multiple ways:  he preaching at a time when most people are attentive, and  his preaching was so interesting and effective that people gladly gave him their rapt attention.


No matter how hard we try to catechize people about the new Roman Missal (or anything else for that matter) the most effective time to reach the greatest number of people is during the celebration of weekend liturgies. As I mentioned several weeks ago, even people who come to Mass regularly have missed or somehow not heard the commentaries we have been giving at our parish before weekend Masses during much of the past year.


Next week I will gather some of the daily morning Mass-goers to read and listen to the new texts with one of our priests. I am offering this opportunity on two different days for anyone who wants to participate. (People would come to one day or the other. We will do the same thing both days.)  I got the idea from Fr. Paul Turner who has done this in his parish and found it to be not only helpful but also enlightening to learn how people respond and react to the next texts.   We will have worship aids available for the peoples’ parts and everyone will be invited to listen to the Eucharistic Prayer.

By Sandra Dooley on 9/26/2011 10:25 AM

We recently had a “Roman Missal weekend” at our parish. Friday night was for liturgical ministers – a thank-you social with a brief talk by Fr. Paul Colloton from NPM (National Pastoral Musicians Association) in Washington, DC. Then Saturday morning Fr. Paul and I offered a 3-hour workshop for catechists, liturgical ministers and any parishioners who wanted to attend. The event was heavily advertised in the bulletin for several weeks beforehand and we had about 130 people in attendance. Finally, Fr. Paul preached at all the weekend Masses, making a wonderful connection between the readings of the day and the upcoming changes in the text of The Roman Missal.

Both of us emphasized at every event that the Mass is not changing. We helped people understand the reasons behind the changes, explained the process of revising the translation and discussed the major changes in the people’s parts of the Order of the Mass along with some of the text changes in the Eucharistic Prayers. On Saturday morning, Fr. Paul also facilitated some mystagogical reflection on some of the new texts.

By Sandra Dooley on 9/26/2011 10:24 AM

I started a new job this week, as the director of liturgy at my parish. Actually it’s an “old” job. I was the director of liturgy at St. Margaret Mary in Winter Park, FL for 10 years before my husband’s job took us to Los Angeles in 1999. Two years ago we returned to Florida and rejoined our former parish. Since then I have been involved in the parish as a lector and in other ministries, including being an active participant on the committee for the implementation of the new Roman Missal. I am replacing the person who has been liturgy director at the parish since I left 12 years ago. Fortunately, for me and for the parish, we are well on the way in the transition process. A lot of groundwork has been laid by the previous director and I am a beneficiary of that. We have been catechizing about the Mass in pre-Mass commentaries and in bulletin articles for almost a year. Our musicians have chosen a new Mass setting, which we began hearing in various ways (played on the organ or piano, sung by cantors before...
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