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Apr 6

Written by: Todd Williamson
4/6/2010 8:34 AM  RssIcon

Hello, Everyone!

Happy Easter Week!

Welcome to Praying, Believing, and Living. I hope to share with you my thoughts and insights as we begin the process of preparing for and then implementing the revised English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal. In doing so, I welcome your comments and responses!

Over the last several days, we have commemorated the Paschal Mystery of Christ through the Church’s liturgies of Holy Week and the Triduum. I was reminded again and again of the wonderfully rich and terribly profound tradition we have been given in our liturgies. To stand and to proclaim our faith with the Church throughout the world, “yes, I believe that Christ has truly been raised!” was literally--as it should be--life-giving!

More than once over these days, I found myself looking ahead to when we will be using the revised translation. In doing so, I kept wondering, “What will the Triduum sound like?" "What will the revised texts be like for these days?" "What images or phrases will grab my heart and soul?”

There are many people who are awaiting the translation with dread, convinced that it will be the end of the Church. Others are awaiting it convinced that it will be the salvation and cure for every ill in the Church.

I am convinced of neither of those stances! I am remaining open. I have seen the Order of Mass (as I hope you have--you can view it at the USCCB Web site) and, like many others, I have read through the texts. I have even read them aloud, trying to get a sense of their sound and cadence. I strongly encourage you to do this.

Yes, these texts will be a change for us; getting used to them will take some time; it will take some patience. But, I honestly do believe that we will get used to them. I do believe that there are beautiful images and phrases in these prayers that will grab our hearts and souls--even as the current texts have done over this past Triduum. I have to believe that--all of this is just too important not to believe that.

This will be a journey for all of us to take together. It is a journey that we have already started. And this blog will be a conversation among us as we continue this journey. I am looking forward to it--and I hope you feel welcome to be part of it!


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