The Third Edition of The Roman Missal from LTP

With the third typical edition of The Roman Missal, Liturgy Training Publications preserves its commitment to quality of design and materials while ensuring affordability. Interior art portrays narrative illustrations significantly based in scripture and tradition. The cover and binding materials have been chosen for beauty and durability. The combination of theologically rich images and high quality materials endow the book with the elegance of old world craftsmanship and the functionality and sturdiness required for everyday use.

Features include:
• 15 pieces of interior art by Matthew Alderman Studios
• casebound book with gold foil stamp on front cover and spine
• 5 ribbon markers bound into the book
• 41 adhered tabs
• pagination designed to aid in use and reduce disruption of page breaks
• ivory paper to allow for maximum readability and glare reduction
• Lexatone® double endsheets for strength

The front cover is a design that unites two motifs from the first millennium of Christian art: a cross with foliate carving on its arms and a wreathed Chi Rho with alpha and omega. Traditionally the sign of Christ that converted Constantine, the Chi Rho became his protective emblem, and then his victory banner. In LTP’s design by Anna Manhart, this ancient symbol unites the arms of the cross at their apex. The leafy arms of the cross speak of the life that sprang from the sacrifice on that cross, and the alpha and omega remind us that Christ’s victory over death, his Paschal Mystery, is for all time. These images seem especially expressive for the book by which the Church will celebrate, again and again, this mystery.

Link to a video of the construction of the binding of the Roman Missal.