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St. Frances Cabrini is a parish with 2100 families (6000 members) with a vibrant congregation and school (400+).

As liturgist, I’ve been reading about the forthcoming changes for years and sharing that information with the parish staff. Since it has been an ongoing discussion the translation is not a surprise to the staff members.

One of the important things to do is to get the broad picture of how the liturgical transitions will affect the areas of parish life.

• The revised translation will obviously affect our worship;
• The priest and congregation will need to learn the revised prayers;
• Cantors, choirs, and musicians’ will need to learn the texts and new musical arrangements.

• Line items have been added to the budget to purchase sufficient new editions of the Roman Missal when it is available;
• Moneys are being made available for sufficient training for the staff and congregation

• No new Mass settings have been purchased for the last three years, knowing the changes were coming;
• Continually check with music publishers to see what Mass settings will be available and when;
• Seeing this as an opportunity for three parishes in town to learn a common Mass setting for larger celebrations;
• We will wait to purchase new hymnals until our parish has adapted to the revised translation.

Faith Formation
• This is the secondary tier that can easily be forgotten, but religious education books, pamphlets, and lessons will need to be revised to reflect the changes;
• Catechists and school teachers will need to be educated in order to impart this knowledge to their students;
• RCIA sessions must also incorporate the information.

Prayer and Worship and Parish Council
• We have been discussing the changes for the last couple of years and I have tried to help them understand the history and the logic behind the revised translation;
• We are reading articles and resources on a regular basis;
• Reciting the translations together as a group has helped them grasp the translations much more than reading them alone.

• Parish bulletin contains regular articles;
• Parish newsletters will feature the Roman Missal;
• Parish Web site contains links to resources for exploring the Roman Missal;
• We will be posting on our Web site, video clips and podcasts of homilies that address the Roman Missal.

Our parish staff decided long ago that communication was essential in helping the parish embrace the changes warmly. We have been putting articles in the bulletin and newsletter for the last two years. In the last few months, articles have been included in the bulletin and newsletter every week.

We are also viewing this as an opportunity to clean up and tighten a couple of other elements of the parish liturgies, so we developed an action plan to take place now through the implementation of the Roman Missal. In June, we are offering an educational evening to explain the changes to the congregation and provide them with an opportunity for questions and answers. Currently we are providing refresher courses for all our liturgical ministers, and making a few minor adjustments so that these are done well before the Roman Missal comes into use.

When it is time to implement the translation, we will begin with one Mass setting that is used at all the parish liturgies. We will sing it in unison until the congregation “owns” it before adding harmonies or instrumental descants. We will also sing the dialogues. (If you haven’t studied the new versions of the chants go take a look.

There is a lot to consider as we embark on the next year and a half before implementation, but if we are excited about it, the parish will catch on to that same emotion and it can be a very wonderful opportunity for the whole congregation to show.

Submitted by: Jill Maria Murdy, MA
Director of Liturgy and Music
St. Frances Cabrini

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Friday, September 03, 2010 5:55 AM
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010 12:23 PM
Thank you for sharing your hard work and organization with the implementation of the New Roman Missal. Your parish's energy sounds like what we have right now, but we don't have the focus quite yet. We're working on it, and articles like this help tremendously. God bless!
Tuesday, April 05, 2011 3:46 AM
This is a clear writing and very satisfied to find this site. I will surely be back again to look at some other significant posts that you have in future.

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