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I have been the pastor of St. Joseph Church in downtown Macon, Georgia for six years.  It is a parish of about 1,600 families with an elementary school. I've been telling my parishioners since my arrival that the English translation of the Mass would be changed.  I've had articles in our bulletin and monthly newsletter explaining some of the problems with the current English texts and what the changes would be.  We even enclosed the changes that the laity would be praying in one of our newsletters two years ago.  I've directed them to the USCCB Web site on the Roman Missal. That Web site address has a permanent place in our bulletin.

This past January, we began to phase out the response "And also with you." The congregation is singing and saying Et cum Spiritu Tuo with gusto. We've even taught the children in our school to do this and they can now do it by heart at all the school Masses. To say the least, their parents are impressed.  We've been singing the Sanctus and Agnus Dei during the seasons of Advent and Lent for five years, but now we will not return to the English Sanctus until the new one arrives hopefully by Advent 2011. We plan to begin singing the Gloria in Latin toward the end of the Easter season.

As time goes on and through good catechesis at all our Masses before implementing this, the people are growing accustomed to the responses.  By accident one Sunday, I greeted the people with, "The Lord be with you" instead of Dominus vobiscum; they still responded Et cum Spiritu tuo! I was quite edified! 

As we approach the implementation date of the revised translation, I hope to have catechetical sessions for various groups, as well as inserts for our bulletin and newsletter.

Submitted by Father Allan J. McDonald

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