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Parish Creates Facebook Page on the Revised Missal for Catechesis, Formation, and Community Building

My name is Kelly Barth. I am the Director of Liturgical Ministries at St. Leo Catholic Church in Omaha, NE. As our parish has been preparing plans for implementation of the new Roman Missal, I was referred to www.RevsiedRomanMissal.org. It is by far one of the best resources I have found at this point. Thank you for all your hard work. Upon reading the various stories in your section called "Your Story," it dawned on me that there are not many practical resources which guide parish leadership on just how we are going to catechize our parishioners. There are several general ideas (which again, your resources seem the best and most practical: Leader's Edition of Understanding the Revised Mass Texts, Second Edition, and Preparing Your Parish for the Revised Roman Missal, Part I), but what has been most helpful to us so far are the stories shared on your Web site.

In a recent discussion on how we can better utilize social media to accomplish our goals of liturgical renewal, our Liturgy Committee decided that maybe we should create a "Group" on Facebook which would work as an open forum for Pastors, Liturgists, Music Directors, and other parish leadership to share their ideas. We noticed that there is only one resource on Facebook itself for the Missal. That being said, we launched a "Group" yesterday and I sent a copy out to some people I met from a conference in Collegeville over the summer. We are hoping to get a good discussion going for all of us over the next year so that we might all benefit from the hard work we are all putting into this.

I figured it wouldn't hurt to spread the message around. If you know of anyone who would like to join the discussion, please pass the following link around: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_130916603635363. Or simply type in "Roman Missal" in the Facebook search engine and you'll find it right away. It is called: "Preparing for the New Roman Missal - A Parish Prospective."

God bless you for all you do for the Catholic Church. I pray the Holy Spirit will be with all of us as we attempt to catechize our brothers and sisters about the gift of our Liturgy.

Kelly Barth
Director of Liturgical Ministries
St. Leo Catholic Church
Omaha, NE 68116

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# Laurie
Sunday, January 23, 2011 7:31 PM
I am the Director of Liturgical Ministries for St. John Parish of the Alpena Catholic Community in the Diocese of Gaylord, Michigan. I have been submitting once-a- month bulletin info segments on the Revised Roman Missal and offering our parishioners from our cluster to visit the USCCB and ICEL websites for more info. (www.usccb.org) and (www.icel.org).

Our Diocese started almost two years ago with preparing our Diocesan Worship Commission by studing "The Mystery of Faiith" we also encourage all Worship Commissions at the parish level to start their meetings with reviewing a chapter and the reflection questions for each meeting. Last November (2010) we began with "Teaching the Teachers" sessions among vicariates and regions to prepare for May certification in preparation for teachings sessions at the parish level to begin in May. These catechists will work among liturgical ministers, faith formation catechists, parents and students, Pastoral/Finance Counsels, Altar Society, K of C meetings, and for the assembly prior to, and following, Masses. Our Music Ministers have also been attending forums and diocesan workshops. The priests have been attending Convocations where they have been introduced to the Roman Missal, their role, the chants and the Diocesan plan of approach.

I found through a friend a World Library Publications program that has a nice catechesis format for bulletin inserts, etc.. The cost is $50 and gives you a CD Rom with full freedom for reproducing based on your parish needs. (Bulletin inserts, handouts for sessions, etc.) It offers great catechesis on the different parts of the Mass and opens them up to the Revisions of the 3rd Edition of the Roman Missal.

World Library

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